“I can’t say enough good things about Valarie. She helped my wife tremendously during ourĀ first andĀ second pregnancy when almost every kind of food R ate, triggered severe allergic reaction. At that time R chose not to take medications full of steroids and other ‘good’ stuff which would negatively impact our future children’s health, and so she was suffering a lot. Valarie’s systematic approach worked as she was able to effectively diagnose and treat R’s allergies bli ayin hara. Again, can’t recommend Valarie enough. I encourage to speak to her if you or your loved ones have any kind of health issues, you may be surprised at what you might learn from Valarie and what she might do for you.” Y.R., Los Angeles, CA

“…thanks for your help in my life…first for the relief I finally have after many years of suffering from lower back pain. When I first came to you every step I made was in agony. Not only did we learn that I needed to get the energy flowing right but my allergies, especially to orange juice, were aggravating the pain to unbearable highs…second my hemorrhoids had been bleeding for months…two treatments and the bleeding ceased…how relieving!” Most sincerely, T.F., Duarte, CA

“The pain in my back went away within 12 hours.” Thanks, A.F., Escondido, CA

“I had the classic hayfever symptoms, itchy eyes, ears, throat and sneezing…I immediately noticed a great improvement…I would recommend NAET and Valarie to anyone with allergy problems.” V.M., Vista, CA

“I used to sneeze like crazy whenever I was near dust, but after I cleared the allergy to dust, I could be around it and not sneeze at all. Also, after Valarie treated me for resentment, I felt like I had a great weight lifted off my shoulders.” D.G., Arcadia, CA

“Every day for months, I would drive 20 minutes to get a Wendy’s chocolate frosty, Dr. Goodkin treated me for the allergy to the chocolate frosty and my craving for them was gone – I completely stopped having them without even thinking about it!” D.V., Toluca Lake, CA

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