About NAET

NAET is a combination of several medical disciplines including allopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology and nutrition. It works on the central nervous system to render an allergen harmless once it has been treated. In other words, if someone is severely allergic to a food – like peanuts, or an insect – like a bee, NAET will not only eliminate the current reactive symptoms someone is experiencing, but will also prevent reactions from future exposure to the allergen. Thus NAET can help in both preventative and emergency situations.

An example is one patient came to me with a swollen hand from a bee sting. I treated her for the allergy to bees and the hand went back to its normal size within 24 hours. Ironically, the patient - who does a lot of outdoors work -  got stung by a bee a week after we had treated her for her severe bee allergy and the only reaction she had was a little red dot where the bee had stung her.

NAET works the same way with foods or anything else that gets treated. One patient was so allergic to seafood that she couldn’t even walk on a dock/pier without getting sick from the smell. After we treated her for her severe fish/shellfish allergy, she was able to not just tolerate shrimp, but really enjoy it!

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