Treating children with NAET

I love treating children, especially with NAET.

I remember probably about 9 years ago a mom brought her 8 month old daughter to me because her regular doctor was going to start her on steroids for her extreme eczema and the mom was desperate for an alternative solution. This sweet little girl was so fair skinned, with bright red oozing patches of eczema on many places of her body. She had to wear gloves to stop her from itching so hard she bled.

It took 3 months of treatment at which time the child was able to not wear gloves and had almost completely cleared up from the eczema. They moved out of the area and saw me a couple more times at which time they found a local practitioner in their area, but the little girl didn’t need anymore treatments.

One of the best things about NAET is that is completely pain free for children (and highly sensitive adults), so they actually look forward to getting the treatments – especially after they start feeling better.

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