Asthma and NAET

I am very new to blogging,  but am giving it a try. Asthma is my favorite health challenge to treat with NAET. By clearing/eliminating allergies to foods first, then the environment –  along with emotional support, I have been able to get many people – from children to adults – off of their inhalers and free from scary asthma attacks, along with less dramatic results such as clearer breathing. This translates to getting asthma out of their lives without having to rely on any type of medications, including even the harmless ones like herbs.

Do you  or someone you know want to rid yourself of asthma? Besides that, many people feel stuck to keep turning to their asthma inhalers because they are covered by their insurance companies and NAET isn’t. Well, what if your insurance company stopped covering your inhaler? This is exactly what happened to one of my patients after several NAET treatments – he had gotten off his inhaler, changed jobs – thus insurance, at which time the new insurance company stopped covering his inhaler – which would have cost him around $200 a month!

Thank you for checking out my site. If you have any legitimate questions for me, PLEASE email me directly:  as I will be unable to answer you back if you just make a comment on this site.

Dr. Goodkin

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